School Incursions

Community Art Class Snowfest 2014 Geelong Grammar School Incursion Making Aprons Recycled Crazy Creatures
Printmaking with Yirrkala CEC School
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Our art classes have now gone mobile, we come to you.  You organise the venue and we bring along all the supplies. 

Classes can be run for all age groups in the Melbourne Metropolitan area for groups of up to 30 students (min 10).  Classes range from basic art skills such as painting and drawing through to soft sculpture, wearable art and of course environmental / recycled art.  Our classs are designed to encourage participants to develop their own unique style and explore their imaginations in a safe environment whilst learning new skills.  We can organise a one off class (1 1/2hrs to 5hrs) or we can organise a program over a course of up to 10 weeks (11/2-2hr classes)

All of our art teachers have extensive experience in the arts industry and working with children checks.


For enquiries and bookings please call Clare on 04222 02869


Recycled art classes for kids!

Kids’ art classes  are held all over Melbourne, one of the most creative cities in Australia. There are many varied and wonderful ways to approach teaching art to kid’s. The one I love the most is whilst teaching them the basic skills needed to use their paint brushes, mix colours, use a charcoal etc you encourage them to completely delve into their imaginations and develop their own style and technique.

Nothing is wrong with their creations, it is theirs, its original and they just need to keep going with it.

Kids’ art classes run by Visual Feast Creations in Melbourne are all about having fun, using your imagination and just being who you truly are. No expectations are placed on the students and they are encouraged to just go for it. You find with our kids art classes that even the shyest and most insecure child when it comes to being creative will eventually find their feet and totally enjoy immersing themselves in our collection of amazing art materials.

Recycled Art For Kids

Our kids’ art classes in Melbourne are designed with the environment in mind. We use primarily recycled materials whilst still teaching kids the basic techniques in the use of materials such as paints, pastels, charcoals etc. This not only helps us leave a smaller footprint on our planet it also helps kids to come up with even more creative and wonderful works of art. Who says those old bottle caps don’t make fantastic eyes on your sculpture or that old coffee sack doesn’t make a great canvas or apron.

Kids’ art classes are an important part of their childhood, it is a safe and fun place for them to just be themselves and explore their imaginations.

BOOKINGS:  call Clare on 04222 02869